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Ferrian Sales represents state of the art technologies customized for your unique applications. These are some of the technologies and applications we can provide:

High Density Printed Circuit Boards: Proprietary microvia technology applications for flexible, rigid flex, rigid and constrained printed circuit boards.

Thin Film Resistor Networks: Thin film resistors for various applications, including thin film microwave substrates.

Thick Film Technology: Our thick film technology includes resistors, attenuators, filters, dividers and terminations.

Thermal Management Devices: Products to address environmental conditions that affect performance.

Hybrid Design and Assembly: Assembly, testing and related services for hybrids.

3D Modules: Technology which enables stacking heterogeneous active, passive, Opto-electronics and MEM/MOEMs devices in a single miniaturized package. NASA qualified.

OEM Semiconductor Die Products and Wafer Processing: Precision sawing, thinning, bumping, testing, sorting and packaging services and a variety of packaging and interconnect solutions including chip scale packaging, and is MIL-PRF-38535 level Q Certified listed in the 38535 Qualified Manufacturers List (QML).

Complex Metal Stampings: Precision metal stampings, automated mechanical and welded assemblies of a variety of precious and unique metals.

Cable Assemblies: Wire harnesses, custom cables and connectors and OEM connectors for the most challenging applications.  This supplier is compliant with Aerospace Standard SAE AS9100:REVB:2004 and is a HUBzone business concern.

Multilayer Co-Fired Electronic Packages: Precision packages using Alumina (HTCC), Aluminum Nitride, BeO and LTCC. Chemical Milling services available (step lids, leads, seal rings) in Kovar, Alloy 42, Spring Steel and Stainless Steel.

Low Profile Solid State Power Inductors: High reliability custom magnetic component development using LTCC processing methods and high reliability monolithic flyback transformers.